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Would a housewife be interested in heavy industry? Is it worth demonstrating jewelry packaging features to asphalt workers? What is the point of advertising high fur boots in Crimea? What

is the reason in informing everyone about car engines? It is not worth the expenses. We show advertising to those only who will buy goods! Avert Media company has already executed more
than 400 successful thematic projects. For the benefit of our Clients we enabled possibilities to make advertising campaigns on single topic websites. Thematic advertising has been displayed to people particularly interested in a certain kind of products.

Thematic advertising let our Clients reach a larger audience. We offered it both to those who were searching for certain products and those who would be interested too.

Specially for our Clients Avert Media company’s team uses the main benefit of thematic areas, i.e. there are no come-and-go users there, only interested ones. We created an effective advertising campaign communicating in plain language to loyal customers.

Find your theme: real estate, business, finances, cars, vacation, health, sport, entertainment, tourism, construction...anything!

Avert Media company’s advantage is in being a certified agency of Yandex Direct, Google Adwords and Begun. The advertising of our Clients is displayed on all websites targeting at their prospective customers. We sell together with you! If you order advertising on Yandex, Google or Rambler, thematic websites are included in the list of Your advertising spaces.

We sell together with you!

Experts of "Avertmedia" will propose you the effective solution of your marketing tasks in the shortest terms.
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The specialists of «Аvertmedia» offer You an effective solution to your marketing problems in the shortest possible time.
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